KOSHER LOSE IT! 6-Week Meal Plan

LOSE IT's KOSHER Meal Plan is a nutritionist-approved online Meal Plan based on the principles of the Low Carb lifestyle. With delicious recipes designed by Rebbetzin Sarah Feldman and the LOSE IT! Team, it’s a 4-week meal plan for just R600 – and you also get a Prep Week to get you ready beforehand, and a Bonus Week to set you on the path to lifetime success! Each week you'll get a weekly letter, a shopping list, inspiration and motivation, recipes, and access to our online forums. IMPORTANT NOTE: The PREP Week of your KOSHER course starts the Monday after you have purchased it. So, keep this in mind if you are planning only to start the programme in a few weeks' time. Purchase it close to when you intend to follow the programme. You will have access for two runs of the course and then you will need to sign up again. For more info, email


Prep Week: How does Kosher LCHF work?

Read about what lies ahead on your Kosher Ladies That LCHF journey and how you'll be preparing for change!

Out with the old, in with the new! This is your list of ingredients for the meals you'll be cooking and enjoying in Week 1.

Read the 6 KLTL mantras that will guide you on your journey. Keep them handy to read whenever doubt creeps in!

Keeping track of your progress is an easy way to stay motivated and focused! This post explains how to do it.

Week 1: Best Practice for KLTL

This week you start following the Meal Plan. Here's a little reminder of the 10 Rules of Banting!

This is your Shopping List with the ingredients you will need for your meals in Week 2 of KLTL. Be sure to have these ingredients at the ready!

Read Nicky's inspiring story about how LCHF changed her life for the better forever!

Keeping track of your progress will keep you focused and motivated. Share your success with other KLTLers!

Read the 16 reasons why women find it harder than men to lose weight on LCHF and how KLTL deals with them!

Week 2: Brain Fog

This is your Shopping List with the ingredients you will need for your meals in Week 3 of KLTL. Be sure to have these ingredients at the ready!

Two weeks in you'll be noticing a difference – let's look back and see how you are feeling!

Week 3: Butter Coffee and Intermittent Fasting

Wondering what Butter Coffee and Intermittent Fasting is all about? Your weekly letter tells you all you need to know about the week ahead!

Being prepared is the best secret weapon for healthy eating – here's the list to help you prepare for next week's meals!

Doing LOSE IT's LTL programme helped Charne turn her health around for the better. Read her inspiring story here!

You might be worried about cholesterol. This week's great read tells you 7 things you need to know about it that will set your mind at ease!

Three weeks into your new lifestyle, how have you found keeping it kosher while eating LCHF?

Week 4: What About Cheat Meals

Wondering about 'cheating' and cravings on LCHF? Read how to best handle it in this letter.

Be inspired by some of our favourite quotes and share yours with us on social media!

Bonus Week: Staying On Track

You're all set to stay on the LCHF track now but please stay in touch! Your letter for today gives you all the touch points you need.