Volume 7 – May 2015

The seventh issue of LOSE IT! The LCHF Way is much more than a magazine – it’s the chance to GET YOUR LIFE BACK. We interview Donal O’Neill, who, at 41 tested the effects of eating LCHF on himself  – and documented it on film. Spoiler alert: It’s all good! (But you knew that already). Also in this issue, nutritional therapist Sally-Ann Creed looks at the truth about fizzy drinks and fruit juices, we interview Dr Robert Cywes (bariatric surgeon and internationally-renowned obesity researcher), about childhood obesity and carb-addiction, and our medical expert Dr Gerhard Schoonbee looks into LCHF and cancer.

Did you know that you don’t have to drink alcohol at all to suffer from fatty liver disease? Find out how to tell if you do, and what you can do about it. Banting Buddies founder (and LOSE IT!’s LTL forum facilitator) Nicky Perks tells how LCHF helped her in her fertility journey, and one of the first women to complete LTL, our 6-week online meal plan designed specifically for women, shares her amazing success story with us.

LOSE IT! The LCHF Way tells you everything you need to know to follow the banting lifestyle and lose weight, clear your head, increase your energy levels, sleep better – all while eating delicious, satisfying foods that are easy to prepare (there are also more than 35 brand new, tried and tested banting recipes!).

LOSE IT! The LCHF Way will put you on a revolutionary course that will change your life forever.