Volume 9 – September 2015

The 9th issue of LOSE IT! The LCHF/Banting Way starts off with a bang with a delicious banting pizza on the cover – pizza is one of the few foods that passionate banters really miss, and now you no longer need to! Plus, every single one of the 37 easy to prepare, brand new recipes includes the fat, carb and protein count per serving, making it easier for you to track your daily carb intake. LOSE IT! is so much more than a magazine – it’s the chance to GET YOUR LIFE BACK. We interview dieti cian and paediatric nutritionist Kath Megaw about low carbs for kids and teens, we talk to super-inspiring Rita Fernandes, who lost 20kg on LCHF (her husband lost 30!), we tackle the contentious issue of fibre (and whether or not it should be included in the carb count) and reveal how Greg Perks managed to conquer the Lavaredo Ultra Trail on a fat-adapted LCHF diet. Our nutritional therapist Sally-Ann Creed tells us whether coffee will cause insulin spikes, explains why xylitol is a great sugar alternative and digs deep into the fascinating world of probiotics. The hugely informative Dr Gerhard Schoonbee discusses the positive effects of LCHF on fibromyalgia, as well as whether there are any issues with banting and Roaccutane and whether, if you’re not insulin-resistant, you really need to stick to very low carb. In response to queries from Jewish readers, we interview Rebbetzin Sarah Feldman on how to make LCHF kosher (the two have more in common than you may think) and we look at why getting enough sleep is absolutely essential, both for a healthy life and for successful weight loss. LOSE IT! The LCHF/Banting Way tells you everything you need to know to follow the banting lifestyle and lose weight, clear your head, increase your energy levels, sleep better – all while eating delicious, satisfying foods that are easy to prepare. LOSE IT! The LCHF/Banting Way will put you on a revolutionary course that will change your life forever.

If you missed Volume 8, be sure to get a back copy here or get the digital copy here.