LOSE IT! Volume 15 on sale!


LOSE IT! The LCHF / Banting Way Volume 15 answers all the questions you start asking yourself about Banting after you’ve been doing it for a while, like ‘Is it possible to eat too much fat?’ and ‘Will eating carbs before bed help me sleep?’

Plus, we look at the enormous impact lack of magnesium can have on your health (and weight loss) and tell you how best to get it into your system – it’s not as simple as just eating it! Our medical expert Dr Gerhard Schoonbee explains exactly how your cholesterol will be affected by long-term banting and sets us straight on whether eating fat contributes to that.

We also discuss the various benefits of flaxseed and whether it’s better to eat it as an oil, a flour or a seed. Speaking of seeds, have you heard of activated nuts and seeds? Nutritional therapist Sally-Ann Creed weighs in on the whys and wherefores of the activating process, and also lets you in on how to do it for yourself.

LOSE IT! is so much more than a magazine – it’s the chance to GET YOUR LIFE BACK in the easiest and most delicious way, which is just what our super-inspiring success stories have done in this issue. Duncan Good, well-known Durban hairstylist, has lost 22kg in eight months – and has never felt better. He is off all his diabetic medication and no longer has type 2 diabetes.

Renowned GP/HIV clinician Dr Sindi van Zyl has lost 41kg to date and has no intention of eating any other way again: ‘When I read about banting,’ she told us, ‘I realised my mom [who was diabetic] had died because we were feeding her all the wrong stuff.’ And serial yo-yo dieter Carol McGhee lost 16kg on LOSE IT’s 6-week meal plan. ‘The health benefits have been amazing!’ she says.

LOSE IT! The LCHF/Banting Way is a lifestyle manual: it tells you everything you need to know to lose weight, clear your head, increase your energy levels, sleep better than you ever have before – all while eating delicious, satisfying foods that are easy to prepare. In this issue alone you’ll find 41 delicious new low-carb recipes to enjoy.

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