LOSE IT! Volume 16 on sale!


The next issue of LOSE IT! The Low-Carb Way is packed with all the inspiration and information you’ll need over the holiday season.

There are 37 gorgeous recipes – including the fabulous trifle on our cover this month – and some really fantastic ideas for a Christmas feast with family and friends, as well as tips and tricks to help you thoroughly enjoy the holiday season without falling off the bantwagon. As always, Sally-Ann Creed answers some fascinating reader questions, ranging from whether antidepressants can cause weight-gain to what the best diet would be for your beloved pet: if we function so well on a banting plan, why shouldn’t Fido? Find out how to feed your best friend.

Taryn Collier shares the story of her transformation from a tired, 145kg woman who needed to ask for an extension for her seatbelt when she flew, to a woman who looks forward to her daily 5am Fit4Life class and is already 62kg down. Just as inspiring is the story of the Czubora family, who collectively lost 140kg. Andrew, their son, was 30kg overweight when he turned 11 – and had dropped it all by his 12th birthday. Not only that, his marks improved at school and he returned to the happy, confident boy he had been before.

In addition to all this, you can learn all about why Adrenal Fatigue is under the microscope now, and why you need to check whether you are affected by it; find out how banting can help with psoriasis and polycystic ovarian syndrome, and discover which foods are healthier eaten cooked than raw. Eating LCHF is not just about the weight-loss (although that is a wonderful side effect!) – it’s about increased energy levels, better sleep and rediscovering your zest for life. That’s why Lose It The Low Carb Way is not a diet – it’s a lifestyle.

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