LOSE IT Volume 24 is on sale now!

LOSE IT Volume 24, best-selling low-carb magazine.

LOSE IT The Low-carb Way Volume 24 is packed with the usual mouthwatering recipes and all the information you’ll need to embrace a low-carb lifestyle!

In this issue, we feature new recipes that include trendy poke bowls as well as some delicious and guilt-free low-carb Easter treats.

Do you lose a lot of hair? Is your immunity low? Do our nutrient quiz to find out whether you might have a nutrient deficiency, as well as what you can do to correct it.

The inspirational Siobion Cameron-Dirks tells us how low-carb meals and exercise helped her overcome health issues and hormonal imbalances as well as lose weight. And banting coach Merle Westcott reveals how she tailored her own low-carb diet to accommodate her thyroid issue and lost 14 kg in 11 months! Our experts, nutritional therapist Sally-Ann Creed and Dr Gerhard Schoonbee, answer your burning questions, while Banting Buddies coach Nicky Perks talks the health benefits of weight training (among them, NO BACK PAIN!) – and no, you won’t bulk up.

We also hear from New York psychiatrist Dr Kelly Brogan, who treats her patients’ depression with nutrition and lifestyle interventions instead of antidepressants – to great success.

LOSE IT is so much more than a magazine, it’s the perfect companion to help you enjoy a healthy and energised lifestyle and GET YOUR LIFE BACK!

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