KOSHER LOSE IT! 4-Week Meal Plan


LOSE IT’s KOSHER 4-Week Meal Plan is a nutritionist-approved online Meal Plan based on the principles of the Low Carb Healthy Fat lifestyle. With delicious recipes designed by Rebbetzin Sarah Feldman and the LOSE IT! Team, it’s a 4-week meal plan for just R600 – and you also get a Prep Week to get you ready beforehand, and a Bonus Week to set you on the path to lifetime success! Each week you’ll get a weekly letter, a shopping list, inspiration and motivation, recipes, and access to our online forums.

PLEASE NOTE: You will have access to the course and forums for 8 weeks from your start date, whereafter you will need to sign up again. The course will not be sent to you via email – it is all online so that you can access it anywhere during your journey.  The PREP Week of your course starts the Monday after you have purchased it. So, keep this in mind if you are planning only to start the programme in a few weeks’ time. Purchase it close to when you intend to follow the programme.

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  • Your WEEKLY LETTER explaining the week ahead
  • Your SHOPPING LIST for the following week
  • An INSPIRING POST to keep you motivated
  • Your MEAL PLAN PREVIEW for the upcoming week's menu
  • Your FRIDAY WEIGH-IN post to help you track your progress and celebrate your success
  • A GREAT READ to get you clued up about the science behind LCHF
  • Your SUNDAY REVIEW post to reflect

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