‘I lost 32kg in just 11 months!’ – Thozama’s low-carb success story


In 2015, after years of battling with her weight and trying every diet imaginable, Thozama Maluleka switched to a low-carb lifestyle and lost 32kg. The decision has changed her life. Read her low-carb success story to get inspired!


How did you become overweight?

I’d tried so many diets before and none of them worked. I’d do them for three days and fall off the wagon. I'd battled with my weight for years and I lost some weight in 2015 and the gained most of it back during my pregnancy.

Turning point?

The tipping point was when I went shopping and couldn’t find anything that fit.

How did you lose weight?

I started in 2015. I lost a whole bunch of weight, then I found out I was pregnant. I gained all 27 kays back during pregnancy. Oh, that’s one thing about eating low carb – it makes you very fertile! When I first heard about this diet where you could have as much fat as you wanted, I was confused. When I thought of fat, I’d think slaptjips, atchar... all the unhealthy fats. It was only after I read up on low carb that I started to understand why it would work. The low-carb diet nourishes and feeds the body from the inside out. Once I understood the science behind it it made complete sense and it was easy to follow. I wouldn’t say I don’t feel tempted to cheat; at some point everyone craves something they’re not supposed to eat. It’s harder to resist in a social setting, but doing the research has made it easier to find alternatives when I eat out. I’m particular about how my food is prepared because my body has become so conditioned to low-carb food that I feel ill after eating anything unhealthy. My gynaecologist told me to stop eating low carb when I was pregnant. I wish I’d trusted my- self, because I’ve seen so many women successfully continue Banting during pregnancy with no negative side effects to them or their baby. I think she didn’t understand the science behind the diet (I must reiterate how important this is). As soon as I went back to carbs I was constipated. I know this isn’t some- thing many people speak about but it’s true! One of the “secret” benefits of eating low carb is that it keeps you so regular. Low-carb has worked for me because It manages my hunger. It fundamentally changed my relationship with food because never before had I asked myself, ‘Are you hungry?’ I just ate at 1pm because that’s lunchtime. Also, the delicious food! This is food I’d usually enjoy: the only difference is how I prepare it. I didn’t initially tell my husband – I just began phasing out carbs. He didn’t even notice. One of my friends asked him how it was going and he was so confused. Since starting low carb I haven’t spent money on unnecessary products. I buy only the essentials – fresh wholefood items. Just doing this made me lose three kilograms in my first week! In terms of support, having a blog has made me realise I’m not alone. My blog has also helped other people. For others wanting to go low-carb my advice is: Understand the science. Connect with like-minded people; they’ll help you along when you get lost. LOSE IT! helped me learn about the science. When you understand the diet, you see why it works – and it will!

How much weight did you lose?

32 kg's

How did it change your life?

Eating this way has changed my relationship with food. It’s forced me to get into the kitchen and prepare my own whole, fresh food. I realise now that what I put into my body is what I get out of it. Now i only eat fresh, home cooked meals using low-carb veggies and good quality protein and healthy fats. I used to feel sluggish and drained. I dreaded working out – I simply didn’t have the energy for it. Now I have so much energy I love it! I’ve even started running. Running is something I have a complicated relationship with, but that relationship is steadily improving! I recently took part in the Soweto Half Marathon and I was so happy when I made it to the finish line. It was so worth it when I received my medal and my husband told me how proud he was of me (keep in mind, he dropped me off a whole 5km from the starting point: I had to run an extra 5 kays just to make it to the start!). I have a clear mind;I feel stronger... It’s like my body has corrected itself and is more self-sufficient. I’m never tired. I’m in such a good space. It’s changed not just my life and health, but that of my family as well. I’ll never go back to any other way of eating. kg's

Over what period?

11 months

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